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Smart Property Marketing

Three new technologies to help sell or let your client's property

Some agents are now using QR codes on flagboards to promote their businesses.

Others are using NFC technology as a means of rapidly communicating site-specific information to visitors' smartphones.

What3Words is another device that is becoming increasingly relevant to the property industry.

We have pulled all three technologies together into one inexpensive product to help with your property marketing.

What we can offer is a small device to attach to your existing flagboard or to display in a property window which will:-

  • Allow callers to download property property particulars directly onto their smartphone using a site-specific QR code
  • Provide even faster access to the particulars for anyone using the latest generation of smartphones with NFC capability and
  • Allow anyone with a smartphone, tablet or computer to pinpoint the property's location to within 10ft

Our Service

  1. We identify the unique URL of the property particulars located on your website and convert it to a short URL suitable for smartphone applications
  2. The URL is converted to a QR code which is specific to the individual property and which will allow fast-loading of particulars onta a smartphone
  3. The URL is also recorded onto a read/write NFC chip
  4. The precise location of the property is then pinpointed using Google satellite images and from which we generate the three simple words which comprise a What3Words code
  5. QR codes which are unique to the individual property and cannot be tampered with. The NFC chips are locked to prevent reprogramming
  6. Two copies of the QR code with What3Words location are printed on weatherproof self-adhesive plastic for use on each face of your site board. These can be scanned rom a distance of up to 10ft by most smartphones
  7. We also supply you with two copies of the QR code printed on card with an embedded NFC chip and self-adhesive tabs for fixing to the inside of a ground floor window where the code can be read satisfactorily from a distance of up to 5ft. The NFC chip will transmit through glass for a distance of up to 2" (5cm).

All of the above are available for just £35 + VAT!


To order, please contact Richard Hodgson with your contact information and the address of the property. We endeavour to have stickers and cards available within two working days of receipt of instructions.

Contact details:
Richard Hodgson,
Hodgson Brothers LLP (Special Projects),
28 Carre Street,
NG34 7TR

Telephone: 01529 415056
Mobile: 07922 426251